Electronic Associates Inc. is your premier source for custom-built cable assemblies and wiring harnesses. Since 1952 our factory has manufactured custom products for military and industrial applications. Additionally, we provide on-site services for major manufacturers and military installations. Our engineers and technicians have decades of experience working on highly sensitive equipment. We use only the best quality parts, techniques, and tooling. Our products are 100% made in America. With a long-standing commitment to quality, our precision engineering has produced results second to none.
Cable assemblies and wiring harnesses are critical components to many military and industrial applications. Failed connections can ruin a company’s reputation or even risk the lives of our troops. At Electronic Associates, we take our work very seriously and strive for perfection to best serve our clients in their critical operations. Our quality of service begins with our thorough vetting of our manufacturing and engineering teams and includes rigorous testing of all parts prior before giving them the Electronic Associates stamp of approval.
Electronic Associates respects the highly sensitive military and industrial secrets of our clients. All information provided here, and during every aspect of our work, is honored with the trust endowed to us by our clients. We hold this confidentiality in the highest regard, whether we are working for the defense industry, divisions of our armed forces, or private sector companies.