Where has good old-fashioned customer service has gone?

Being in business since 1952 has taught us many things, but what is at the forefront is excellence in customer service. We look for it in the vendors we do business with and we require ourselves to meet the same high standards. Meeting deadlines are critical to our quality of service, requiring us to run a 24/7 operation when necessary. Our clients deserve only the best in customer service.


Our factory uses a scaleable approach to meet the varying demands of our customers. We have a permanent staff of engineers and technicians and the resouces to scale up in times of greater demand. No job is too small and no job is too big! Electronic Associates provides a superior product, on-time and on target.
We do not rely on machines to make our cable assemblies and wiring harnesses. All of them are hand-made with precision and to exact specifications. We then cross-check every connection by having a staff expert test and retest for the specific application conditions. Long-standing precision and commitment to quality as well as old-fashioned core values make our producst second to none.