Electronic Associates Inc. now offers custom LED retrofit lighting assembly and installation for its military and industrial clients. LED lighting is the greatest advancement in lighting options since the original bulbs created by Edison himself. Particularly for military aircraft, ships, and land vehicles, modern LED lights are far superior to traditional bulbs and the newer versions of florescent bulbs and tubes.

Why LED Lights?

Traditional bulbs are fragile, use more electricity, and are bad for the environment. In recent years, the lighting industry has focused on compact fluorescent bulbs as the solution to the environmental issues of energy usage. However, large amounts of disposed fluorescent bulbs are also an environmental hazard as the chemical contained in the bulbs are a potential threat to our landfills. Recycling programs simply cannot keep up with the volumes of disposed bulbs and add to the lifecycle costs of this lighting. Most importantly for military applications, fluorescent bulbs cannot withstand impact and easily break in extreme conditions. Proper lighting in military machines is critical to their uninterrupted performance.

With government mandates to reduce energy usage overall, it is good for military installations and defense contractors to lead by example. More importantly, the transition to LED lighting will create a superior product. Imagine a tank taking a direct hit from artillery. Traditional bulbs would easily break leaving the troops potentially in the dark. Military grade LED lights, on the other hand, would withstand the impact as well as any military grade interconnects made by Electronic Associates! Our decades of experience with impact testing ensures that our retrofit lights can take the punishment of critical applications.

Why Custom LED Lights from Electronic Associates?

Many LED light manufacturers claim that their lights are indestructible. The logic is the durability of the LED’s themselves. This is simply not true. LED lighting assemblies suffer from the same failings as any electronic component or connector. While the LED’s themselves are unlikely to fail first, the supporting electronics and connections can fail due to a lack of quality control that is common with machine made parts.

Military grade LED lighting requires the experience of an all-American military manufacturer. Electronic Associates Inc. applies the same precision techniques we have used on our interconnects for decades to manufacture superior LED lighting assemblies. Customized to precisely fit your exact application, our lights are carefully engineered and hand-wired to ensure maximum durability. They also are subjected to all the same testing as our wiring harnesses and cable assemblies. When installing equipment lighting, one must consider the entire lifecycle of the products used. It is not just the cost and quality of the lighting assembly itself, but the manpower cost of bulb replacement and the rigorous approval processes that surround it. With our LED lighting assemblies, the superior durability of the parts used and the connections will reduce the need and costs of future repairs.