Valda Della Porta, President

In 1957 Valda Della Porta joined Electronic Associates Inc. as the company Comptroller. From the late 50’s through the mid 90’s, Valda and Angelo Della Porta, the company founder, built the reputation of Electronic Associates Inc. to become one of the most respected custom manufacturers for military and commercial applications. Valda spent most of her career focusing on quality of service and the financial performance of the company. As the industry has changed over the decades she has ensured that Electronic Associates has maintained their expertise to best service their clients. While advancement into new technologies has always been important, Valda has also ensured that these changes have not risked the integrity of the company focus in its core business. Valda’s primary function has been the day-to-day financial operations of the factory and the necessary staffing issues.

In 1997, Valda assumed the role of President of Electronic Associates Inc. handling all executive functions of the company. She continues to guide the strategic direction of the company, evaluating the potential of new markets, clients, and business sectors.

Marc Della Porta, GM/Chief Engineer

Marc Della Porta runs all engineering and manufacturing aspects of Electronic Associates Inc.. From designing new parts, to evaluating third party hardware, Marc is responsible for the technical integrity of all wiring harenesses, cable assemblies, and custom electronic products. He works with clients to determine required manufacturing specifications, designs custom configurations, and negotiates terms of order fulfillment. He also manages the factory itself including equipment upgrades, customized tooling, and hiring technical staff.

Marc has worked as a wiring specialist from his early teen years and has personally assembled tens of thousands of wiring harnesses and cable assemblies. He has developed a superior expertise with both the design and implementation of interconnects of all sorts. Marc attended Cornell University’s School of Electrical Engineering and graduated with a BSEE in 1989. While studying, he specialized in Integrated circuit design, transmission technologies, and laser/optics. Studying under the country’s leading laser research and development scientists, Marc focused on fiber optics and laser technology.

With his long background in interconnect technologies combined with his education in engineering and R&D, Marc leads Electronic Associates Inc.’s technical and engineering team to provide the latest custom interconnect technology for the most critical applications.

Diva DePaoli, Director of Factory Operations/ Quality Control Manager

Diva DePaoli joined Electronic Associates Inc. in 1965. Diva oversees all productions lines, trains technical staff, and manages the factory’s quality control. No order leaves the factory without her sign-off. Electronic Associates prides itself on its exceptional track record of precision interconnects. Our long history of unsurpassed quality is largely to Diva’s credit.

Over the decades working on the factory floor, Diva has overseen the manufacturing of hundreds of thousands of wiring harnesses and cable assemblies with rejection-free results. She has trained hundreds of technicians on interconnects, has built assembly teams to scale up manufacturing for larger orders, and managed full time factory staff. Over her career, she has personally worked on over 10,000 different interconnect designs. Diva remains one of the top technical experts in the field.

William Sherman, Director of Field Operations and Business Development

William Sherman began working with Electronic Associates in 1998. He manages all aspects of site jobs and works to expand the market reach of the company. Many of Electronic Associates clients require custom jobs performed in their own factories, bases, and other facilities. William manages this process, performs the engineering work, and manages on-site technical crews for these jobs.

William has worked with technology from his early teens both on the hardware and software side of the business. Early in his career he held a variety of positions implementing computer hardware and developing software applications. While still in college, he worked for drawing complex schematics for military aircraft components and wrote a complete Design Drafting Standards Manual for the technical divisions of NBC Inc. William graduated Cornell University’s School of Electrical Engineering in 1989, specializing in integrated circuit design, transmission technologies, digital signal processing, laser technologies and optics.

William has held a variety of business and technical positions. He has worked implementing new technologies in satellite television, internet, interactive television, energy, and numerous inventions. His work has included technical design and prototyping, technical implementation, sales, and operations. As a licensing agent, William has worked with new technologies and helped refine designs for patent filings. His vast business and technical expertise offers Electronic Associates great value in expanding our products and services.